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Federal Highway Administration Publication No. FHWA-HI-97-026:

This course contains details to the use of a "PCDS" (Pole Cable Distribution System).  In this publication referred to as a "MCDS" (Modular Cable Distribution System) in roadway lighting. (size: 8.1MB)
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Highway Engineering Handbook

Brockenbrough & Boedecker editors, McGraw-Hill 1996, 2003.  A must have for all Engineers involved with Street or Highway Lighting.  This publication also covers:  In additional to design details on break-away structures and break-away wiring systems, this Handbook covers Environmental Issues, Highway Location (Design and Traffic), Pavement Design and Rehabilitation, Bridge Engineering, Culverts, Drainage, Bridge Replacement, Signing, Roadway Lighting, Retaining Walls, Noise Walls, Value Engineering, and Life Cycle Cost. This Publication can be found on or you may click here for more details on purchasing a copy.

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